Graphic facilitation.

Just nu är jag väldigt inne på att försöka förenkla mina studieanteckningar så långt det bara går men ändå med bibehållen förstålse för för vad som är viktigt och har varit på jakt efter ett bra verktyg. Nu har jag hittat grapic facilitation vilket i stort innebär att du som antecknare bygger upp ett stort bildschema som sedan kan användas under t ex föreläsningar. Där ritandet är grunden men naturligtvis får även ord finnas med som extra stöd.


Här kommer ett YouTube klipp som jag hittat vilket är riktigt lärorikt. 

Hoppas du också kan få användning av det. 

Bästa hälsningar 



The Creators Manifesto

1. Build things that only you are capable building.
2. Don’t take inspiration for granted. When it hits, stop everything to capture and create.
3. Learn what inspires you – the people, the movies, the music, the books. Then spend every second you can around them.
4. Ideas appear in the strangest places. Pay attention.
5. Creation comes in every form – relationships, food, art, music, prose, products, services. Notice what you create. What people ask you for. Give that all your energy.
6. Know your limitations. Build what you’re best at. Leave the rest for others.
7. There are so many ways you can spend a day, but making new things and adding real value are the only ones that really make a difference.
8. Stop wasting your time.
9. Sitting still is the most dangerous action of all.
10. Welcome the skeptics. Build it anyway.
11. Creativity comes natural or it must be learned. Either way you’re on the hook to build something that matters.
12. The sooner you can create, the better.
13. Every screwup gets you closer to your masterpiece. Make mistakes as often as you can. Start falling.
14. Everything is progress, as long as you’re doing something to build upon yesterday’s art.
15. If those around you are killing your creativity then change whom you choose to hang around.
16. Constantly ask: How can I make what already exists even better? What are other people not doing?
17. Embrace the process. Forget about the end result. You never get there anyway. Find comfort in knowing that the process is all there is.
18. The goal is not to build what you think people will buy. It’s to build what you feel you must, and help people so much they want to pay you for it.
19. When it doubt, make something. Anything. That’s always the next step.
20. It starts with a single word. A sketch. A conversation. An idea. A tune. A note.
21. Stop worrying so much about what others think. They don’t do it that much anyway. Do what feels right.
22. Ask how. Ask why. Ask why not.
23. Things don’t get created while on Twitter, Facebook or when nose-deep in emails. They happen out of the office, away from the Internet, out experiencing the world – be it a crowded bus or an empty field across the world. Get. Out. There.
24. Don’t let a day pass without creating something new. No matter how small.
25. Start each morning pursuing an idea.
26. Do less reading and more creating.
27. You have something in you worth building. We all do. Put your head down to make it come to life. We will thank you for it.



Oh I used to love these kinds of books when I was a kid…could sit and look in them for hours at a time. Remember one with small elfs and trolls and you could move them around and stuff. This one is so cool to. I wish I had the patience and ability to make one.
Maybe I’ll make it a goal this summer.

Lisa Hannigan – Lille from ATO Records on Vimeo.

Hope you enjoyed it as well
lots of hugs
Keep smiling