Berlin January 11-14, 2014

Björns mum turned 60 and so she invited all of us to Berlin to celebrate her birthday.  We got to see lots and lots of things during those four days. And our schedule was heavy but fun. And of course I took photos in plenty.


Björn in Berlin

Here Björn is first standing in front of Potsdam station and then in front of Brandenburger tor.


Family gathering

Here some snapshots with the whole gang.  And Anna trying her phones camera on me. 😉


Me taken by B in front of the TV – tower and then the beautiful tower itself and it’s view. Magical!


Photo street view mix

Here are a couple of the photos I took of things on the streets of Berlin. It was a great city for photo taking and I’ll defently go back one say and visit because of this. 


Cinematic views

In some parts of the city you got a great cinematic feeling to the views and so they ended up on my camera as well.


More street photos.

And some more photos from my afternoon walk one of the days.



On Annas birthday Björn and his brother invited us all for a wonderful dinner at a restaurant called Heising.
It had a feel to it as if we stepped into another time. Maybe as far back as the 40s and with the owners an older couple who poured there love of food and wine over us guests.  Making us feel more like relatives than the guests we were.

The whole trip was a great enjoyment and we had so much impressions during the trip so this is just a small part.

What is your best Berlin adventure?

Keep smiling


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