Alsace – day two

We left Turckheim early in the morning and headed for Colmar. We took a tourist tour on the waterway in the town centrum. But our guide was not the kind that cared to much and sat mostly on his cellphone during the whole tour. Mr B and I didn’t mind to much becuase it was a nice view and we got to just relax and enjoy the ride.

We took the time to go to the freshmarket in town and it was very nice and filled with a great deal of interesting and yummy things. But we had already eaten lunch so sadley we just got to enjoy the view of it instead of tasting it.

When evening came; Mr B and I took our turn to St. Hippolyte where we stayed for two days and looked around. We got a room with a beautiful view over the mountains around the town. And for dinner we got one of the trips best meals.

Have you been to Alsace? What did you get to enjoy?

Keep Smiling


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