Going to Bohuslän

Yellow Fields, taken with iPhone 3Gs

Today we started of around lunch with intend to go north and pass Gothenburg to Bohuslän. To celebrate my birthday tomorrow. Wohoo, a year older…hihihi
But where we’d stay exactly was a problem we thought would solve itself. 🙂
Driving along the coast gave us lots and lot of beautiful views of this not yet explored part of Sweden.

Blue skies, taken with iPhone 3Gs

B taken with iPhone 3Gs

For a couple of hours we just drove, looking at the landscape and enjoying eachothers company. Having loads and loads of fun. 😀
Then suddenly after a curve of the road, it ended with water and a boat. B got so excited like a kid on x-mas and it was a short but fantastic scenery around us.

Water everywhere and sunshine in plenty and soon the evening started to come.

View from the boat, Taken with iPhone 3Gs
Taken with iPhone 3Gs

The boats name was GullBritt a womans name in Sweden, Taken with iPhone 3Gs.

On the left it’s me in the car right before we are leaving the boat.
Looking at the map we realise that we are very close to Lysekil a town that lays on the rocks of a cape. Near Smögen where all the best shrimps are.
Lysekil harbour, Taken with iPhone 3Gs.

So to Lysekil we went and drove around there for a half an hour to find some place to sleep. After asking hotel after hotel and getting to know that this was high season and that no rooms where avalible. We both started to think of leaving Lysekil. But then at the last hotel the told us the owner might have an extra room in here house.And yes she did, not cheap but at least a bed to sleep in.

The view from the restaurant, Taken with iPhone 3Gs.
B on the bistro deck, Taken with iPhone 3Gs.
Then we went out for a hunt after good food and a nice view to enjoy the last sun before night. And this bistro served an excellent plate of fish and to that we had a glas of wine. Perfectly perfect. 🙂
The food served, Taken with iPhone 3Gs.
B infront of the shrimps, Taken with iPhone 3Gs.
B wanted to taste the famous Smögen räkor = shrimps and so after dinner we headed over to another place and ordered in this small bowl for about 250 SKr. Worth it, No. But for the company of B and for sitting just next to the ocean it was an fantastic bowl of shrimps. 😉
B enjoying…
…this view. Boats going out and coming back.
Keep smiling

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